Save-A-Grave Committee - As a service to the community, we clear brush from cemeteries out of respect for Confederates who were buried there. We expand our work to clear and clean all graves at the cemetery in honor of the Confederate soldier's family descendents.
Recruitment Committee - Solicit potential candidates. Research the candidate's Confederate ancestrial background and, in turn, file the necessary forms to the National SCV department for member recruitment
Cemetery Committee - Search, locate, and find missing Confederate graves in the area. Once located, Grave Guardians place a 24X18 inch Confederate stick-flag beside each Confederate tombstone.
Flag Committee - Maintain exisiting flag poles in good condition and replace worn flags. Search areas to locate and erect new flag poles to achieve a high visibility from roads and byways
Book Committee - Camp members are writing the book, Confederate Pioneers of Palo Pinto County depicting the lives of more than 200 Confederates who pioneered the early frontier of Palo Pinto County